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Nearly 4 million bottles of Latisse® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%) have been sold since it launched, and we have sold hundreds at our offices. Latisse® is the first and only prescription treatment approved by the FDA for inadequate or not having enough eyelashes (hypotrichosis), growing them longer, fuller, and darker.

Latisse® is a prescription solution that you apply to your upper eyelids with supplied brushes. It is available only by prescription (so you can get it at a pharmacy), or certain doctors, like Dr. Rueckl, are available to dispense it directly to patients. Latisse® is a product made by Allergan, the same company that manufactures BOTOX® and JUVEDERM®. The effectiveness of Latisse® was first discovered in people with glaucoma who were using Lumigan eyedrops (also made by Allergan). These patients saw increased eyelash growth while using Lumigan and it ignited a study by Allergan to determine how and why this was happening. Allergan was able to separate the eyelash growth component out and create Latisse®, which has the active ingredients from Lumigan, but is applied differently. Latisse® works by lengthening the eyelash growth phase. Every hair follicle on your body has a growth phase, and the length of time of the phases is different for each area of the body. The growth phase of hairs will slow down as you age too. By increasing the growth phase, this allows the hair follicles of your eyelashes to grow for a longer period of time, thereby growing longer and thicker, and becoming darker. It also shortens the time of the other phases, allowing lashes to regrow at a quicker pace than normal. Anyone can use Latisse® and the studies have been done on users as young as 20 and as old as 85. Studies have been done on various ethnicities, and both males and females. Latisse® is truly an anti-aging product for anyone, and the results are unmatched by any other product on the market. Remember it is the ONLY eyelash growth product that has been studied by the FDA both for its efficacy, as well as its safety. For more information on Latisse®, including all FDA information and a photo gallery of befores and afters, please visit the Allergan Latisse® website at www.latisse.com.


IMG 1869At this point in time, Latisse® is only approved for use on the eyelashes. There are current FDA studies being done for its use on the eyebrows and even on the scalp, but it will be at least a few years until these can be approved. Some people do elect to use the product "off-label" and apply it to their eyebrows and many have reported that it does work to help brows regrow especially if they've been overplucked or improperly groomed.


Latisse® is a once-a-day treatment you apply topically to the base of your upper eyelashes, similar to how you would use an eyeliner. Latisse® should be applied to clean eyelashes with a single sweeping motion across the upper lid. The lower lid does not need its own application because blinking allows the Latisse® to get those lashes too. Most people elect to use Latisse® at night after they have washed off their makeup, and before applying other night creams and serums.  Latisse® should only be applied where you want to grow hairs. If you often allow it to drip too much, or it goes outside of your lash line, there is a possibility for fine hairs to grow there. Remember, it will activate any follicle that can produce hairs, so its important to follow proper application guidelines that our staff gives you.


By applying Latisse® daily, patients see an increase in length, fullness, and thickness. Patients in a clinical trial saw results in as few as 8 weeks (length first) with full results after 12 to 16 weeks. All of our staff members use Latisse® and love the results. Your results will vary depending on your age and other factors, but in all studies, both those by Allergan and those done independently, there were no reported cases of non-responding. All users saw at least one of the areas increase--length, thickness, and/or darkness. Once your lashes get to a state of growth where you like them, you can cut back on daily use and go to a maintenance routine where you use the product only a few times a week.  Should you discontinue use of Latisse®, your lashes will gradually return to normal growth rates and cycles. Your growth cycle is only changed while you are actively using the product.


Latisse® is available for purchase in our office every day, so there's no need to come in for an office visit or get a prescription filled at a pharmacy. You can just stop in and buy your Latisse®. We sell both sizes of Latisse®. A 3ml kit is $120, and a 5ml kit is $179. If you buy Latisse® regularly, make sure you register in Allergan's Brilliant Distinctions Program, as they often send members specials for Latisse®, and they added points for Latisse purchases into the program, so you can now gain points for cash values and redeem them for future Latisse®, VIVITE, BOTOX®, or JUVEDERM® -www.brilliantdistinctionsprogram.com.

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