Check back often to see our latest product offerings. Periodically, we find products that truly do what they say they will and we want you to know that you can stop by this website and get our take first. Here are a few we really like:

Dr. Dan’s CortiBalm

Dr. Dan’s™ CortiBalm® is the only medicated lip balm with 1% hydrocortisone for all types of dry, sore and chapped lips!

After referring so many people to pharmacies to get this product, we decided to carry it in our offices a few years back. And our patients couldn’t be happier. If you have dry lips, or you take Accutane, get this product! “I recommend this lip balm to all of my Accutane patients, as well as patients who suffer from dry, chapped lips. It’s the best medicated balm on the market and the only one I recommend to my patients.” – Dr. Rueckl

The Original I’ve Got My Back Lotion Applicator and Back Washer (IGMB)

Is the newest, most versatile product on the market designed to apply lotions, creams, and medications to your back.

Flexible and durable, the I’ve Got My Back is soft yet strong and easily conforms to the user’s body. Its texture helps spread the lotion evenly while keeping the IGMB from being too “slippery” on the skin. You will control lotion delivery with confidence and ease. (Click here to see more:

The tear-drop holes in the end of the IGMB were designed to put your thumbs through to control the unit while protecting your manicure.

Our patent pending FloDirectEdge® directs any excess lotion back under the unit for complete and even distribution and to avoid waste.

The IGMB is made with only high quality Medical Grade materials fused together for a safe, longlasting product that is easy to clean.

Additional Products

We are pleased to carry additional products including lip balms, Arnica, camouflage makeup, and prescriptions that may be effective to add into your skincare program, as well.


Hi everyone at Lakes Dermatology!!!

Wanted to say “Thank You” to everyone for helping me look my best for my competition this past Saturday July6th.
I WON!!! Took first place 🥇 on both of the categories I competed and took overall on both which I broke record, no-one has won 2 overalls in one show.
Thank you 🙏🏻


I Love This Place!

I love this place. My first step in their office, I was like, whoa! It’s beautiful! I was sent here by the VA for some skin issues and the doctors here are truly amazing. He listens to every single complaint I’ve had without any judgment and is very positive about my treatment plan! Even the nurses and ladies behind the desks were super friendly. I definitely recommend this place!!


Does The Best Lips!

Does the best lips! He’s also a really skilled injector. I don’t even think he numbed me, but I barely felt anything. It was nice not to do a dental block. He gave me the exact (natural) look I was going for. Not obviously fake at all but I DID get compliments on my lips from a few of my doctor friends!


The Best Doctor Ever!

The best Doctor ever! I’ve been dealing with rosacea for years and he was the only doctor who really help me. Im really glad that i find this amazing person he’s so kind, professional humble


I’m so happy with the results!

I have been going to Lakes Dermatology for over a decade now. I recently moved and tried out a few other dermatologists. No where else compared to the results I received here. So I flew all the way back to Vegas just to see Dr. Reukle at Lakes Dermatology. My skin turned out great after the Voluma, fractora, photofacial, and Venus procedures I had done here. I love the skinceuticals products I bought as well. Thank you! I’m so happy with the results!